What is the DMX OverRide?

The DMX OverRide is a utility device meant to serve as a backup controller for DMX lighting systems.

It consists of a DMX input, an output, three recordable preset looks and a resume button. 

In normal operation, the DMX input is passed directly to the DMX output.  In the event the DMX drops out (due to a console reboot or failure), the DMX OverRide will automatically output a pre-recorded DMX look. 

The OverRide also has 3 contact closure/voltage inputs which can be connected to a fire alarm system, external control system, architectural building control system, buttons, etc.  These external signals can cause the OverRide to output one of its looks.

Finally, the Resume input/button can be used to restore the unit to normal DMX pass-through mode.

The DMX OverRide is the perfect device to put inline with your DMX console/playback device to make sure you always have valid lighting in any situation.


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