How can I update my ShowTouch to the latest firmware?


For Versions and later

1. In WinScriptLive, go to "Help-->Update Panel Firmware"

2. Select a Show Controller to transfer the firmware to

3. Go to the Show Touch physical unit and select "Update Firmware" from the settings menu to retrieve the firmware from the controller

For Versions 2.65 and earlier

To Update:
1.  connect via FTP to your ShowTouch (user: admin  default password: password)
2.  copy the appropriate OS.NEW file from:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Alcorn McBride Inc\WinScript Live 4\Touch Firmware 

or from

to the root directory using FTP.

3.  from the ShowTouch Control Panel select Exit
4.  from the ShowTouch Launcher select Update
5.  choose the update you would like to use


Note: if you're having trouble sending the files via FTP, try using FileZilla with the settings shown here:


ShowTouch for PC

Update to the Latest Version of WinScriptLive and Launch "Show Touch" from the "Tools" menu.

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