What is V-Page?

V-Page provides facility-wide intelligent paging using Dante TM audio networks.

  • Dante Audio Network Compatible
  • Q-Sys PA Station Protocol
  • Audio, control and power on one Ethernet cable
  • Power of Ethernet (Class 3) with indicator
  • 4 LED Illuminated Buttons
  • Expansion connector for 16 buttons & LEDs
  • 5-Pin Mic Input XLR (Model VP4)
  • Phantom power (jumperable)
  • Mic Gain adjustable
  • LED Brightness adjustment
  • Mounts in standard 4 gang box (VP4 & VP4G)

The configuration of your paging network, such as Q-Sys (QSys), is completely programmable using the software in the DSP system. This includes zone assignments, button and light behaviors and zone priorities.

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