RidePlayer Audio Pass-through Mode

The short explanation:

In this mode the RidePlayer sends the Audio directly to the Audio Equalizer of the unit. The user has no control of the audio level via the internal faders. All levels of adjustment must be done prior to feeding the audio signal to the RidePlayer.


The Long explanation:

During normal operations the built-in audio player outputs are fed into the audio faders (see Fig-1).  There you are able to control the levels for each output channel (see Fig-2). The equalization (EQ) section (Fig-3) is where the user can manipulate the audio signal as needed. Once the audio signal is processed our final stages are amplified outputs, line level outputs, and digital audio outputs via Dante. As you can see amplified and line level outputs are affected by the EQ.  It’s important to clarify that Dante’s digital audio outputs are Pre-EQ, therefore no change is heard.

Figure (4) is a representation of the audio pass through mode where the Dante Inputs (Receivers) are fed directly to the EQ.

This computer is currently running Dante Virtual Sound Card with the use of Dante Controller (Fig- 5). Because of this we are able to set the channel subscriptions to feed an audio signal directly to a RidePlayer.




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