Can I adjust my PTPv2 VPage Clocking Priorities?

In short, no.

In a PTPv2 network, one clock is elected as the Grandmaster. The Grandmaster is the clock from which all other clocks will derive their time.

Our AES67 enabled VPage Products (VPage-VP4X, VPage-VP16K, and VPage-VP32K) clocking priorities are set and are not changeable. Their specific priority are 249/112 (1/2) and sitting on domain 0 (DFLT .129).

To ensure our VPage products are not chosen as a master clock in your system, you must set a different product that you'd like to be the master on your network to domain 0 and highest priority (0) (or just ensure that their priority is higher than our VPage products).

AES67 requires PTPv2, which is not backwards compatible with PTPv1 (which Dante uses).

If you're seeing a VPage product that is not relinquishing a master status, It's possible that what you're seeing is a VPage that didn't have AES67 enabled and, therefore, is operating via Dante using PTPv1. It won't release it's master if there's no other device on the network operating in PTPv1. Please confirm that all VPages have AES67 enabled so they will all operate on PTPv2 protocol.

For more info about PTPv2, check out this awesome article by Luminex:
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